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Windshields Inc. - About Us

Windshields, Inc. is a family owned and operated auto glass business, serving the Omaha Metro area for eighteen years. With auto glass as their only business, Windshields, Inc. prides itself on being a service-centered and quality-driven company, offering all auto glass repair and replacement services – including side, back and mirrors.

Customer safety is the primary focus of Windshields, Inc., as they comply with the highest of auto glass safety standards. From cars to trucks to RV’s and busses, they will find a cost-effective and safe solution for your vehicle.

Mission Statement

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Our Windshields Inc. team is dedicated to the highest quality product and service in the automobile glass industry. We are committed to saving our customers money by our strong support of windshield repair first. Each team member strives to exhibit professionalism, integrity, and knowledge so that we may earn your trust and confidence. Our ultimate goal is to maintain a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with our most important team member, our customer.